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Bridging the way to homeownership

Bridging the way to homeownership

Bridging the way to homeownershipBridging the way to homeownership

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I have a ratified contract where do I go from there?

 The next step is to select a Title company as soon as possible. The buyer has the right to choose the Title company of their choice. Upon choosing the Title company advise the agent as well as Lender they will need the ratified contract to begin their work. 

Is there a lot of paperwork I need to sign at closing?

 In fact many documents need to be signed at settlement. The most important documents to pay attention to are the 1) HUD-1 Settlement Statement 2) Promissory Note 3) Truth-in-Lending 4) Deed of Trust . Our settlement closer will fully explain all the necessary documents to you at closing. At the end of closing you will receive a set of copies of everything you signed so that you may review at your leisure. 

What if I can not attend settlement?

 If the seller can not attend closing please notify our office as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made prior to the scheduled closing date. If the buyer can not attend closing authorization from the lender must be given prior to settlement. Our office can prepare the Power of Attorney and the original must be recorded in the appropriate county land records. If a buyer or seller has a General Power of Attorney please notify our office as we need to review the General Power of Attorney. 

What Should I bring to settlement?

 Government issued document such as a Drivers License, Military ID, Passport and Social Security Card, Certified Cashier’s check made payable to Freestate Title Services of Annapolis, Inc. Paid In Full Hazard receipt for Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. 

Do I need Title Insurance?

Because any home, regardless of its age, is built on land as old as the earth itself. The land has had many previous owners. Claims against any of these persons can be filed against the property and present owners. To protect your investment at the closing table Title Insurance will be offered to the client. 

What happens after settlement?

Depending on the appropriate County Land Records the original recorded Deed will come from the county Clerk of the Circuit Court office mailed to the buyer. From time to time the original recorded Deed is sent to our office, therefore contact our office with any questions you may have. After closing our office records all the necessary legal documents and issues the Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance Policy.